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If there is a thing called plastic surgery joke, Chrissy Teigen must be the comedian who makes that. In an interview, John Legend’s wife once admitted that she had had many plastic surgeries on face, except for those iconic cheeks. But she then tweeted that she was joking about having fake facial parts, right after several big news sites seriously took and posted her “admission”. Well, that is how a model jokes. While she may think it’s funny, it’s probable that she did visit cosmetic surgery clinic to get some facial enhancement treatments. Her joke aside, Chrissy Teigen plastic surgery actually did occur. But it’s not on her face.

First of all, we should appreciate her honesty about her armpit liposuction – the only procedure she admitted –  if she’s really honest about that. But works on her body are not our topic. Some plastic surgery experts suspect Teigen has had Botox. Those full cheeks, however, have been famously linked with cheek implants.

Let’s see what Botox did to her face. Actually, it is a bit hard to see the effect of Botox. If she’s had it, she must have taken minimal amount of Botox that left subtle result. She is in her 30s. While she doesn’t need to worry about wrinkles attack, she might want to do some preventive effort. And small amount of Botox can help bring peace to her mind.

Chrissy Teigen fat was a serious problem that made her fired from Forever 21. Luckily, her sadness didn’t reduce the size of her breasts. She still maintains the 34-inch bust. However, Chrissy Teigen’s breasts can’t escape from rumor. What do you think? Are Chrissy Teigen’s boobs fake?

Beside breasts, her cheeks are also target of plastic surgery rumors. We agree that she has uncommonly round cheeks. Such cheeks make many believe she’s implanted them. The fact that she’s been living with full cheeks since she was a young girl doesn’t stop Chrissy Teigen cheek implants issue. Another lame joke would be needed for those cheeks.

Chrissy Teigen Plastic Surgery
Chrissy Teigen Plastic Surgery, Before and After Picture

Chrissy Teigen Eyelift

She has Thai blood from her mother that could bring small eyes look. And we can see in Before and After picture that young Chrissy Teigen clearly had Asian eyelids. And they might have made her insecure. Different condition is shown by her recent photos where she has bigger eyes. Creases on the upper eyelids are also noticeably different than before. Eyelift or eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) becomes the most popular procedure among Asian patients for a reason.

We don’t expect her joke, but significant transformation around her eyes is similar with many eyelid surgery patients. In other words, 32-year-old model is possibly having surgically enhanced eyelids. The outcome of the operation certainly helps her. Chrissy is much better with her new eyes appearance, isn’t she?

Many celebrities are secretive about their plastic surgeries. They either deny or leave the issue in silence. And Chrissy Teigen has responded her cosmetic surgery reports with her own way. You can also give your words about Chrissy Teigen plastic surgery in the comment area below.

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