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Privacy Policy

Like many other websites, CelebritiesWith.com can also collect information of its visitors/users/readers.

  • How we collect data.

We use Google Analytics service to know behavior of the visitors and analyze website performance. By placing analytics tracking code script in our website makes it possible to track the activities on the website. This website also uses Google Adsense to display advertisement. It is another way we collect data. Google Adsense and its partners use cookie to display better, relevant advertisement for users. Users can personalize the ads by visiting this page.

  • What information are collected?

Computer or device information used when visit the site, web browser and location are some of the information collected. Basically, the collected data is non-personally identifiable information (non-PII). There is no way we can know your name, email or precise address unless you store it of your own free will on comment form or contact form when you contact us. See here to see what information Google Analytics can collect.

  • How we use the collected data.

Main purpose of the data collection is to make this website a better website. We use the collected data to get a better understanding about the website performance. By understanding performance report of this site we can make some improvements and serve better experience for visitors of this website.

We keep the collected information. We don’t sell or rent it. However, we may share it with partners or third-parties that provide services to us. Since we use third-party service(s), it is hard to avoid data sharing. But again, the shared data is basically non-personally identifiable information (non-PII), not personal information.

By continuing access this website we assume you are understand and agree to our Privacy Policy. If you have question about this policy please contact us via Contact page.