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Cardi B's new teeth before and after

Cardi B has an interesting career full of success and plastic surgery procedures. Indeed she has had work done to her teeth, buttocks and boobs. Her incredible journey stared when she was born in New York City, U.S. in 1992. Today her achievements are many! In 2017 she won five times at the BET Hip [...]

Nicki Minaj Boob Job 2

Breast Enhancement One of the most obvious things about Nicki’s body is that she has enhanced her breasts with implants. Even though she never stated weather she has had breast implants or not. From pictures when she was younger it is clear she had a chest size that was around B and now is more [...]

Kim Richards before and after cosmetic surgery

Kim Richards Before and After The Procedures Kim Richards owes her good looks to plastic surgery to a certain extent. She did go under the knife and her surgeries include: nose job, liposuction, breast augmentation, upper eyelid. After these surgeries she look much more beautiful. Are you familiar with Kim Richards? Who does not know about her? She is one of the [...]

Lala Kent might not be a big star, but she is just like many other famous figures. Specifically speaking, she couldn’t live without non-natural beauty enhancement. News about Lala Kent plastic surgery has been a consumption for many. And it’s not that hard for us to believe that she has had work done. Her face [...]

Plastic surgery has been part of many celebrities. They surely want perfect features. Melissa Gorga is no different. What has she done? It’s widely reported that member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey has had nose job. And luckily, we do not need to speculate about the truth behind Melissa Gorga nose job issue. [...]

There is no denying that Angie Harmon has good genes. She has been with that beautiful face since she was young. But it seems that plastic surgery temptation is too hard to resist. Good genes need good doctors to make things more perfect. Texas-born actress never claims aesthetic surgery as her way to enhance beauty, [...]