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No one says chefs don’t need plastic surgery. In fact, this site has covered several world’s top chefs’ plastic surgeries. It is clear that kitchen knives are not enough. They also want to feel the joy of playing with plastic surgeon’s knives, and needles. Giada De Laurentiis wants it too. Italia-born chef has been a [...]

We know that even subtle alteration on celebrities’ faces would create news. And Chelsea Handler has more than minor change on her face. Her youthful face is too obvious to ignore. She had different face appearance before. The drastic transformation is a good reason to make people believe she’s had plastic surgery. There are many [...]

It is not easy to admit plastic surgery. Many celebrities are keeping the truth for themselves. More often than not, many even deny that they have had work done. Plastic surgery denial is also created by Whitney Cummings. She’s known that her body and face are target of plastic surgery rumors, and she simply denies [...]

Facial change is a normal thing as human grows. But the situation would go beyond normal when you take non-natural treatments for face, like Vanna White did. We all can easily spot her facial transformation in the picture above. The face change is obvious enough that makes people believe she’s had some cosmetic surgeries. Has [...]

Minzy plastic surgery took wide attention several years ago. She was actively in girl group 2NE1 at that time. However, it is still a hot subject for many. She may not in the girl group anymore, but her facial transformation is permanent and we can see plastic surgeon’s work easily in her recent photos. What [...]

Reports about Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery has been around for several years, and it is still a hot subject on many sites. Hyun Joong was not that open about his cosmetic surgery at first. But 31-year-old South Korean actor might have realized that signs of plastic surgeons’ works are too obvious to deny, and [...]